Alice Teichova , Maurice Lévy-Leboyer , Helga Nussbaum - Historical Studies in International Corporate Business

Historical Studies in International Corporate Business

Alice Teichova , Maurice Lévy-Leboyer , Helga Nussbaum

ISBN: 9780521528696
Vydavatelství: Cambridge University Press
Rok vydání: 2002
Vazba: Paperback
Počet stran: 264
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This 1989 book is the sequel to Multinational Enterprise in Historical Perspective (1986), in which the same editorial team continues the historical exploration of a vital but often misconstrued commercial phenomenon. The contributory essays, each written by an authority in the field, raise further questions on the idea of the firm, on periodisation and on research and development, and examine the international financial operations of worldwide corporate business. With the aid of trans-industrial and transnational comparisons, the range of policies pursued by business and government is fully discussed. Above all, this discussion is extended to include the production of mass-consumer goods and the areas of China, Japan and Latin America. All the contributions are based on original historical research undertaken in national and private bank and business archives in Europe, the USA and Japan. In their critical assessments and interpretations the authors are also able to combine economic theory with history.

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