Mahbub M. U. Chowdhury,Ruwani P. Katugampola,Andrew Y. Finlay - Dermatology at a Glance

Dermatology at a Glance

Mahbub M. U. Chowdhury,Ruwani P. Katugampola,Andrew Y. Finlay

ISBN: 9780470656730
Vydavatelství: Wiley
Rok vydání: 2013
Vazba: Paperback
Kategorie: Textbook
Počet stran: 112
Dostupnost: Skladem

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Highly Commended at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2014 Pre-publication review: “This was the first decent book I've seen that adds good clinical advice on assessing and managing a dermatology patient. It functions not only as a clinical reference, but as a genuine replacement for any missed experience on the dermatology ward.  […] this will be a valuable text to clinical medical students seeking greater exposure. One particular highlight is the clinical photos, very well done.”  Dermatology Year 3 Registrar Following the familiar and easy-to-use at a Glance format, this brand new title provides a highly illustrated and accessible introduction to the structure and function of skin. It is the ideal guide for any medical student required to interview and examine patients, identify skin diseases, and develop a differential diagnosis and a treatment plan. Each chapter covers the epidemiology and pathogenesis of the disease, as well as presentations likely to be encountered in both clinical practice and exams.   Dermatology at a Glance: Is comprehensively illustrated throughout with over 300 high quality colour slides and photographs Covers the key aspects of the British Association of Dermatologists core curriculum Includes ‘Key points’ and ‘Warnings’ Features a self-assessment ‘picture quiz’ to help test learning and recognition, in preparation for dermatology tests Includes a companion website at featuring self-assessment case studies, key point revision documents, and an image bank from the book. The descriptive diagrams and photographs, coupled with clear explanations, will help all medical students and health professionals get to grips with the identification and treatment of all of the most common skin diseases.

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