Tucker, Audrey K. - Textbook of Mammography

Textbook of Mammography

Tucker, Audrey K.

ISBN: 9780443063404
Vydavatelství: Elsevier
Rok vydání: 2001
Vydání: 2nd Edition
Vazba: Hardback
Počet stran: 356
Dostupnost: Skladem

Původní cena: 4 524 Kč
Výstavní cena: 3 167 Kč(t.j. po slevě 30%)
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X-Ray mammography is the most valuable imaging technique used in the detection and evaluation of breast disease.This book is intended to provide radiologists in-training and in practice with a practical guide to the acquisition, identification and interpretation of mammograms as well as adjunctive modalities suchas ultrasound, FNA cytology, MRI and digital imaging. 400 high-quality images provide the reader with a comprehensive guide to the radiologic indications of benign and malignant breast disease. The book also provides an overview of the crucial prerequisites for a successful breast cancer detection program by integrating the imaging modalities with technical and quality control issues, epidemiologic data, and risk/benefit analysis.