Andrea Utley,Sarah Astill - BIOS Instant Notes in Motor Control, Learning and Development

BIOS Instant Notes in Motor Control, Learning and Development

Andrea Utley,Sarah Astill

ISBN: 9780415391399
Vydavatelství: Taylor & Francis
Rok vydání: 2008
Vazba: Paperback
Kategorie: Textbook
Počet stran: 244
Dostupnost: Skladem

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Instant Notes in Motor Control, Learning and Development provides an overview of how the brain and nervous system control movement, and how new movements are learned and improved. The early chapters set the scene by defining the field and discussing the measurement of movement. This leads to chapters that explain how we control movement and learn to control movement. The final section considers the development of motor skills. The topics covered in this text provide foundation knowledge that is vital for any individual who is working in the movement context as a teacher, coach, or therapist. Each chapter can be read in isolation but links are made and related topics highlighted. Due to the wide range of information contained in the book, it will be relevant to students studying all sports-related courses, including sport coaching courses.

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