Crane, Andrew; Matten, Dirk - Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Managing Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability in the Age of Globalization
Crane, Andrew; Matten, Dirk

ISBN: 9780199697311
Vydavatelství: Oxford University Press
Rok vydání: 2015
Vydání: 4th Edition
Vazba: Paperback
Kategorie: Textbook
Počet stran: 632
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The fourth edition of 'Business Ethics' explores throughout the text, in the context of business ethics, the three major challenges that businesses face when making ethical decisions:nn· Globalizationn· Sustainabilityn· Corporate citizenship.nnCrane and Matten provides a truly global approach with a strong European perspective as well as examples from emerging economies and all around the world.nnThe text's accessible style and easy-to-follow narrative ensure it is engaging for students new to the subject. The text features excellent case studies and unique pedagogical features that show how theory relates to real-life practice, including Ethics on Screen, Ethics Online and Ethics in Action. It also focuses on skills, such as key decision-making skills, through in-text features including Skill Checks, Think Theory boxes and Key Concept boxes.nnThis text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, which provides:nnStudent resourcesn- Additional case study web linksn- Additional 'Ethics in Action' web linksn- Additional 'Ethics on Screen' web linksn- Useful ethics web linksn- Further readingn- Link to Crane & Matten blog and feeds from new blogsn- Think Theory Answers - short responses to the 'Think Theory' features that are currently in the textn- Trailers of movies featured in the Ethics on Screen boxesn- Video linksn- 'Ethics careers' section for studentsnnLecturer resources:n· Teaching notes for case studiesn· Teaching notes for 'Ethical Dilemmas'n· Teaching notes for 'Ethics in Action'n· Teaching notes for 'Ethics on Screen'n· PowerPoint slidesn· Think Theory Answers - short responses to the 'Think Theory' features that are currently in the textn· Crane and Matten 'Case Bank' - cases no longer in book will be provided on the ORC for use by instructorsn· Additional Week 1 PowerPoint slides with details of book, ORC, and blogn· Test bankn· Sample course outline for instructors specifying course aims, student skills, weekly subjects and key readings

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