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  1. Autor Název titulu Vydavatelství Rok Cena
Martin A. Tanner,Martin T. Wells Statistics in the 21st Century Taylor & Francis 2001 1 828 Kč
Marcia J. Bates,Mary Niles Maack Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, 7 Volume Set Taylor & Francis 2009 67 455 Kč
Fred Kleiner Gardner's Art Through the Ages Cengage Learning EMEA 2008 Na vyžádání
Hamilton Electronic Health Records McGraw-Hill 2010 Na vyžádání
Lia Litosseliti Research Methods in Linguistics Bloomsbury 2010 827 Kč
Noel Castree,Paul A. Chatterton,Nik Heynen,Wendy Larner,Melissa W. Wright The Point Is To Change It: Geographies of Hope and Survival in an Age of Crisis Wiley 2010 645 Kč
Sabu Thomas Handbook of Engineering and Speciality Thermoplastics: Nylons Wiley 2011 Na vyžádání
Sabu Thomas Handbook of Engineering and Speciality Thermoplastics: Polyethers and Polyesters Wiley 2011 Na vyžádání
Janet Gough Managing the Documentation Maze: Answers to Questions You Didn t Even Know to Ask Wiley 2010 Na vyžádání
Abdelhak, Mervat Health Information Elsevier 2007 2 490 Kč
Anne Welsh,Sue Batley Practical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC21 Facet Publishing 2012 1 804 Kč
Sepkoski D. Rereading the Fossil Record Chicago UP 2012 Na vyžádání
Alan Townsend Making a Living in Europe: Human Geographies of Economic Change Taylor & Francis 1997 1 343 Kč
Ian Buxton,Paul S Hughes The Science and Commerce of Whisky Royal Society for Chemistry 2013 953 Kč
K. D. Rainsford Ibuprofen: Discovery, Development and Therapeutics Wiley 2015 4 135 Kč
Fagerberg, Jan; Mowery, David; Verspagen, Bart Innovation, Path Dependency, and Policy Oxford University Press 2009 2 654 Kč
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