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John A. Joule,Keith Mills Heterocyclic Chemistry at a Glance Wiley 2007 727 Kč
Peter Olofsson Probabilities: The Little Numbers That Rule Our Lives Wiley 2006 1 469 Kč
Bruce Alberts,Alexander Johnson,Julian Lewis,Martin Raff,Keith Roberts,Peter Walter Molecular Biology of the Cell Taylor & Francis 2002 910 Kč
A. van Nunen Fiduciary Management: Blueprint for Pension Fund Excellence Wiley 2007 1 614 Kč
Keith Jenkins Rethinking History Taylor & Francis 2003 383 Kč
G.A. Machin,Louis G. Keith An Atlas of Multiple Pregnancy: Biology and Pathology Taylor & Francis 1999 3 489 Kč
Moore, Keith L. Review of Medical Embryology,Study Guide Elsevier 2003 753 Kč
Keith A. Woodbury Inverse Engineering Handbook Taylor & Francis 2002 4 494 Kč
Paul Parkin Managing Change in Healthcare: Using Action Research Sage Publications 2009 828 Kč
Keith F Punch Introduction to Research Methods in Education Sage Publications 2009 892 Kč
Keith Pilbeam Finance and Financial Markets Palgrave MacMillan 2010 Na vyžádání
Keith Goffin Innovation Management Palgrave MacMillan 2009 Na vyžádání
Keith L. Shimko International Relations Wadsworth 2009 Na vyžádání
Keith Wilson Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Cambridge University Press 2010 1 186 Kč
Keith Allan,Julie Bradshaw,Geoffrey Finch,Kate Burridge,Georgina Heydon The English Language and Linguistics Companion Macmillan Education 2010 1 040 Kč
Keith Cunninghame Guidelines for Legislative Libraries K G Saur Verlag 2009 Na vyžádání
Keith W Hutchenson Gas-Expanded Liquids and Near-Critical Media Green Chemistry and Engineering Oxford UP 2009 Na vyžádání
Gregory Castle,Robert Eaglestone,M. Keith Booker The Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory, 3 Volume Set Wiley 2010 12 005 Kč
Anna Davies,Keith Hoggart,Loretta Lees Researching Human Geography Taylor & Francis 2001 914 Kč
Shuckburgh Emily,Moffatt H Keith Environmental Hazards: The Fluid Dynamics And Geophysics Of Extreme Events World Scientific 2011 3 726 Kč