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Holt D. How Brands Become Icons HBS Press 2004 Na vyžádání
Berg J. Biochemistry Freeman 2006 Na vyžádání
Berg J. Biochemistry Sixth Edition Freeman/Mcmillan 2006 Na vyžádání
Maciocia G. The Foundations of Chinese Medicine Elsevier 2005 Na vyžádání
Charles A. Heatwole Geography For Dummies Wiley 2002 462 Kč
Thiel-Siling Icons of Architecture: The 20th Century Prestel 2005 Na vyžádání
Tesch Icons of Art : The 20th Century Prestel 2003 Na vyžádání
Buxbaum G. Icons of Fashion: The 20th Century Prestel 2005 Na vyžádání
Rubin High Blood Pressure for Dummies Wiley 2007 440 Kč
Sue Fox Etiquette For Dummies Wiley 2007 503 Kč
Rajinder Kumar Dudrah Bollywood: Sociology Goes To the Movies Sage Publications 2006 637 Kč
Eric Yaverbaum,Robert W. Bly,Ilise Benun Public Relations For Dummies Wiley 2006 469 Kč
Seidel Mosby´s Guide to Physical Examination Mosby 2006 Na vyžádání
Douglas E. Ensley,J. Winston Crawley Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games Wiley 2005 6 621 Kč
Garden, O. James Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Elsevier 2005 2 199 Kč
Stahl S. Case Studies: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology Cambridge UP 2011 Na vyžádání
Ffion CW Davies,Colin E Bruce,Kate Taylor-Robinson Emergency Care of Minor Trauma in Children Taylor & Francis 2011 857 Kč
Vivian Cook Second Language Learning and Language Teaching Taylor & Francis 2008 786 Kč
Bruce Alberts,Alexander Johnson,Julian Lewis,David Morgan,Martin Raff,Keith Roberts,Peter Walter Molecular Biology of the Cell Taylor & Francis 2014 2 157 Kč
Ann DeLaney Politics For Dummies Wiley 2002 503 Kč
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