Scortecci G. M. - Implants and Restorative Dentistry

Implants and Restorative Dentistry

Scortecci G. M.

ISBN: 1853177032
Vydavatelství: Martin Dunitz
Rok vydání: 2000
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This textbook is offered as a guide to the practical application of important principles in the everyday practice of restorative dentistry, from single tooth replacement to full arch reconstructions. In particular, it provides an introduction to the principle of multicortical osseointegration achieved using specially designed, pure titanium dental implants. Used by many leading restorative dentists for more than 15 years, this well-established treatment modality, based on multicortical support and osseointegration, allows professionals to offer patients an attractive alternative to more invasive procedures. For purposes of clarity, the book has been divided into four parts: * Part I reviews the concept of initial multicortical anchorage for dental implants, particularly in relation to bone anatomy, biology and physiology and implant-related factors such as biocompatibility, sate-of-surface characteristics, mechanics and corrosion. * Part II deals with diagnosis and treatment planning. * Part III illustrates the applications of these principles to the numerous clinical situations encountered in implant dentistry, from single tooth loss to total edentulism. A discussion of patient-related parameters (age, occlusion, cosmetic requirements) is completed by a review of laboratory procedures and multicenter clinical applications, plus the indications for immediate functional implant loading. Part IV addresses the prevention and management of complications, related treatment and maintenance.

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