Hoskins P. R. - Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Hoskins P. R.

ISBN: 1841100420
Vydavatelství: GMM
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Information on the basic principles of Doppler ultrasound tends to be scattered in sections of large, academic texts and as such is not easily accessible to the trainee using Doppler techniques for the first time. Aimed primarily at sonographers taking the postgraduate diploma in medical ultrasound, this book provides a concise technical introduction to the subject, without going beyond the level of knowledge required. Fully illustrated throughout, with high-quality halftones and explanatory line diagrams, it covers all aspects of the topic from the basic physics of waves and wave propagation, transducer design and beam formation, signal processing and information storage (including PACS), through spectral, colour and 3D Doppler, to contrast agents and safety implications.

• Up-to-date, practical and comprehensive reference on all of the basic principles of Doppler ultrasound

• Includes new techniques

• Carefully targeted to the needs of the trainee and practising sonographer

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