Earth Science

Datum:22.04.2017 - 22.07.2017

Místo konání:Online výstava

Informace:Všechny novinky z ekologie, environmentálních věd, geografie, geologie, hydrologie, meteorologie a příbuzných oblastí.

Poznámka:Výstavní sleva 15-18%.

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  1. Autor Název titulu Vydavatelství Rok Cena
Edith L. Chamberlain,Fanny Douglas The Gentlewoman's Book of Gardening Cambridge University Press 2017 572 Kč
Elizabeth Kent Flora Domestica: Or the Portable Flower-Garden Cambridge University Press 2017 839 Kč
Andrew Jackson Downing A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening: With a View to the Improvement of Country Residences, Comprising Historical Notices and General Principles of the Art Cambridge University Press 2018 955 Kč
Adam Sedgwick,Frederick McCoy A Synopsis of the Classification of the British Palaeozoic Rocks: With a Systematic Description of the British Palaeozoic Fossils in the Geological Museum of the University of Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2018 1 516 Kč
Alan Grainger Controlling Tropical Deforestation Taylor & Francis 2017 940 Kč
Chaowei Yang Introduction to GIS Programming and Fundamentals with Python and ArcGIS® Taylor & Francis 2017 2 082 Kč
Alexander Kent,Peter Vujakovic The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography Taylor & Francis 2017 6 215 Kč
Zheng Quanan Satellite Sar Detection Of Sub-mesoscale Ocean Dynamic Processes World Scientific 2017 3 490 Kč
Michal Jacenty Sznajder Metropolitan Commuter Belt Tourism Taylor & Francis 2017 3 214 Kč
Paul Sillitoe Sustainable Development: An Appraisal from the Gulf Region Berghahn Books 2017 902 Kč
Rafa? M. ?ukasik High Pressure Technologies in Biomass Conversion Royal Society for Chemistry 2017 3 797 Kč
George Peterken, Edward Mountford Woodland Development: A Long Term Study of Lady Park Wood CAB International 2017 1 127 Kč
Antoinette M.G.A. WinklerPrins Global Urban Agriculture CAB International 2017 2 737 Kč
Esbern Friis-Hansen Decentralized Governance of Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa CAB International 2017 2 737 Kč
Derek R Hall Tourism and Geopolitics: Issues and Concepts from Central and Eastern Europe CABI International 2017 2 845 Kč
George Peterken, Edward Mountford Woodland Development: A Long Term Study of Lady Park Wood CAB International 2017 3 059 Kč
Goodstein David L, Intriligator Michael D Climate Change And The Energy Problem: Physical Science And Economics Perspective (Second Edition) World Scientific 2017 971 Kč
Ritchie Grant Atmospheric Chemistry: From The Surface To The Stratosphere World Scientific 2017 1 123 Kč
Chichilnisky Graciela, Bal Peter Reversing Climate Change: Carbon Negative Technologies And The Carbon Market World Scientific 2017 1 288 Kč
Rosenzweig Cynthia, Rind David, Lacis Andrew Our Warming Planet: Topics In Climate Dynamics World Scientific 2018 2 508 Kč
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