Munoz-Ruiz - Data Acquisition and Measurement Techniques  

Data Acquisition and Measurement Techniques  


ISBN: 157491068X
Vydavatelství: CRC Press
Rok vydání: 1998
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- Covers modern topics such as virtual instrumentation
- Discusses production monitoring and instrumentation processes such as agglomeration, drying, tablet compression, and coating
- Shows the instrumentation for poorly standardized techniques in the characterization of bulk powders, bioadhesive, and swelling properties of polymers
- Includes a critical review of equipment performance

Data Acquisition and Measurement Techniques offers the practical help needed to understand and implement new technology and perform the constant discipline crossover necessary to achieve high quality and high profitability in drug manufacturing. Written by a panel of experts from around the globe, it provides instrumentation methods and techniques essential for development and validation reports, as well as production monitoring and covers data at the source, in transmission, and in manipulation. The book shows readers how to use tools such as the automation of research and manufacturing tasks to support state-of-the-art instrumentation concepts.

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