Potter D. L. - Softball  Steps to Succes 2nd ed.

Softball Steps to Succes 2nd ed.

Potter D. L.

ISBN: 0873227948
Vydavatelství: Human Kinetics
Rok vydání: 1999
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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If you’re looking for a complete guide to every basic to intermediate softball skill, Softball: Steps to Success is sure to be a hit with you. Whether you’re a coach searching for an effective instructional and practice tool or a player wanting to learn the game’s essential skills, this updated and improved second edition covers every offensive, defensive, and pitching fundamental. In addition, the book provides a solid introduction to basic team tactics so that you’ll know the proper play to make in every offensive and defensive situation.

Softball: Steps to Success provides thorough skill instruction through complete sets of skill-learning progressions--the steps to success. The step-by-step progression from basic to intermediate skills has been shown to speed learning and motivate players to practice and improve their performance.

This book provides drills to help you master basic skills and explains offensive and defensive responsibilities. Each step includes

• explanations for why the concept or skill is important;
• illustrations depicting correct body positioning and movement to learn and perform key skills;
• easy ways to correct common errors; and
• summary checklists to evaluate performance.

With Softball: Steps to Success on your side, you’re ahead of the game.

Softball: Steps to Success is part of Human Kinetics’ popular Steps to Success Activity Series, the most extensively researched and carefully developed set of sport skill instruction books ever published. You’ll find these books to be self-paced, step-by-step guides developed by master teachers in their fields.

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