Watrall E. - Flaxh MX

Flaxh MX

Watrall E.

ISBN: 0782141080
Vydavatelství: Sybex
Rok vydání: 2002
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Cena: Na vyžádání

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From authors Ethan Watrall and Norbert Herber, experienced authors, teachers, and web professionals, comes an essential addition to your Flash library, written from the ground up for Flash MX.

Flash MX Savvy teaches designers how to hone their artistic skills, while showing developers how to navigate the ins and outs of ActionScript and other advanced techniques. Topics covered include: creating and developing Flash content to put on your web site; producing compelling interactive content for site visitors; mastering the ins and outs of ActionScript to add advanced interactivity; integrating professional-level audio into your animations; and maximizing Flash's potential when used with other programs.

Flash MX Savvy features an ActionScript reference section, a color section showcases professional Flash usage, and a CD with trial software and files to support the book's hands-on tutorials.

Like all Savvy books, Flash MX Savvy is printed on quality, coated paper for crisp image reproduction.

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