Kumar - Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine


ISBN: 0702027634
Vydavatelství: Churchil Livingst.
Rok vydání: 2005
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Kumar and Clark's remarkable Clinical Medicine is now back in a fully revised new edition and is more indispensable than ever! This student favourite has been praised over the years for the breadth and depth of its content and the clarity of its style and presentation - the 5th edition carries forward that tradition of excellence. Its pioneering reputation is further enhanced with the fantastic added value of the entire, fully searchable, cross-referenced text, being made available free to all adopters and purchasers.There, students will also have access to:

· Updates on key developments in clinical medicine

· Self-assessment questions

· An 'Ask-the-Author' feature

· Related weblinks

Starting with information on infectious diseases, genetic diseases, and cell and molecular biology and immunology, the book then moves on to cover the entire common and many rare diseases in the core 'body system' chapters. It also includes chapters on intensive care medicine, principles of therapeutics, as well as the important but slightly more peripheral subjects of nutrition, psychological medicine and dermatology.

Throughout, the aim is to show the importance of the underpinning sciences in the understanding of clinical medicine and to explain clearly and in a consistent style the epidemiology, examination, differential diagnosis, investigations and management of disease.

For this new edition, many new contributors have been brought into the team, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as a fresh eye and approach; there is now a new chapter on ethics and communication, and there is new information throughout on the particular needs of the elderly. The colourful and innovative layout introduced in the 4th edition has been developed for the 5th edition to make the book easier to navigate and more pleasurable to read than ever before.

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