Noguera C. - Physics and Chemistry at Oxide Surfaces

Physics and Chemistry at Oxide Surfaces

Noguera C.

ISBN: 0521018579
Vydavatelství: Cambridge UP
Rok vydání: 2005
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This book summarises the present state of knowledge on the microscopic behaviour of oxide surfaces. The first chapter of the book summarises classical approaches, introduces the concept of ionicity, and describes the mixed iono-covalent character of the oxygen cation bond in bulk materials. The next three chapters focus on the characteristics of the atomic structure (relaxation, rumpling and reconstruction effects), the electronic structure (band width, gap width, etc.) and the excitations of clean surfaces. Metal-oxide interfaces are considered in the fourth chapter with special emphasis on the microscopic interfacial interactions responsible for adhesion. The last chapter develops the concepts underlying acid-base reactions on oxide surfaces, which are used in catalysis, in adhesion science, and in colloid physics, and discusses their applicability to the adsorption of hydroxyl groups. A comprehensive list of references is included.