Lee R.C. - Asian American.Net: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cyberculture

Asian American.Net: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cyberculture

Lee R.C.

ISBN: 0415965608
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 2003
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Asian America.Net demonstrates how Asian Americans have both defined and been defined by electronic technology. From 'model minority' stereotypes in the software industry to the "techno-orientalism" of computer games, these associations weigh heavily on contemporary discourses of race, ethnicity, gender, and technology. The thirteen essays gathered here critically examine the intersections of these discourses in mainstream media including novels and film, in alternative currents such as chat rooms and comic books, and in 'real life'. A landmark contribution to the study of cyberculture, Asian America.Net illuminates the complex networks of identity, community, and history in the digital age.

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