Oshaughenessy J. - Comptetitive Marketing A Strategic Approach

Comptetitive Marketing A Strategic Approach

Oshaughenessy J.

ISBN: 0415084296
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 1992
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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When it was published in 1984, Competitive Marketing received wide acclaim as the most rigorous, analytical and informed introduction to marketing strategy available. The aim of this substantially revised and updated edition is to make the book even more helpful to students:
- Key topics are explained in greater detail.
- Still more attention is given to basic concepts in a way that helps students to better handle ideas and apply them.
- More practical examples are provided in the text.

Course tutots will find literature references updated and major developments fully incorporated into the main body of the text. This is an ideal second-Ievel marketing management text suitable for undergraduates, and a range of executive training courses, including MBA syllabuses.