Buchanan D. - Organizational Behaviour: An Introductory Text

Organizational Behaviour: An Introductory Text

Buchanan D.

ISBN: 0273682229
Vydavatelství: Prentice Hall
Rok vydání: 2004
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Introduces students to a social science perspective on Organizational Behaviour, so they can critique and debate core research and ideas.

Students need to understand, critique and apply theories in organisational behaviour. The fifth edition of this definitive, multidisciplinary text continues to set a benchmark in teaching of this area with new concepts, debates and exemplary supplementary material.

Students are encouraged to challenge current thinking critically in relation to their own ideas and experience, exploring alternative perspectives. Throughout, the text emphasises how organizational behaviour ideas and methods apply in practice, allowing students to gain the valuable skills and experience necessary for their future careers.

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