Roche D. - Accountability in Restorative Justice

Accountability in Restorative Justice

Roche D.

ISBN: 0199274274
Vydavatelství: Oxford UP
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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* 'Compared to other texts on [Restorative Justice], this... is exceptional: it offers readers a concrete and dynamic view of [Restorative Justice's] promise and risks, a reflective and synthetic discussion of the importance of trust and accountability in criminal justice institutions, and an engagement with formal legality and state justice that goes well beyond words in boxes and bubbles from below.' -Theoretical Criminology
* 'Roche's exploration of ... the relationship between accountability and the privacy of the participants, the integrity of the proceedings, the role of the media ... is as persuasive and nuanced as anything I have read on this issue....Declan Roche has done Restorative Justice a considerable service....This is a really good book. ' -Kieran McEvoy, British Journal of Criminology
*  '' ... Throughout the book Roche presents clear, very concrete and well-supported recommendations as to how the practice [of restorative justice] can be revised and developed to bring it in line with the ideal ... I regard Accountability in Restorative Justice as a major contribution to knowledge and debate about the prospects and problems of restorative justice. It is theoretically sophisticated and impeccably researched. It also has the merit of being a highly readable, empirically researched book'' -Professor Gerry Johnstone, University of Hull, Legal Studies

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