Wishart M. - Contract Law

Contract Law

Wishart M.

ISBN: 0199268142
Vydavatelství: Oxford UP
Rok vydání: 2005
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Contract Law seeks to provide an account of contract law which is accessible, interesting and engaging. Progressing clearly and logically through the main problems that arise during the life of a contract, it gives a clear account of the law by examining its policy conflicts and its practical and theoretical problems, before discussing the possible solutions. It provides full coverage of these major debates and, using real examples and colour diagrams, explores the main criticisms of the current law and the possibilities for reform. By avoiding legal jargon and using student-friendly language combined with a variety of pedagogical features to illuminate particularly troubling concepts, this book will benefit anyone seeking a fresh account of contract law. Companion Web Site: This book is supported by a specifically designed test bank of multiple choice questions and companion web site. The companion web site provides updates of the recent developments in the law; annotated web-links; PowerPoint slides of the diagrams in the book; and guidance on how to answer the questions at the end of each chapter.

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