Beckwith S. - Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing

Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing

Beckwith S.

ISBN: 0198570783
Vydavatelství: Oxford UP
Rok vydání: 2006
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Prescribing is a relatively recent extension of the nursing role, and there are few resources to support nurses through this complex and expanding initiative. "The Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing" gives concise, practical and expert advice on all aspects of this new area of practice. Giving a complete picture of the role of the nurse prescriber, this handbook provides evidence-based advice for all nurse prescribers from novice and student level to established prescriber; for all prescribing courses; and following all the competency areas. Helping you achieve the best possible results for your patients, the authors offer a wealth of recommendations, guidance and information from their years of experience. Whatever situation you are in, the "Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing" will give you the information you need. The handbook contains the practical principles required to enable the prescriber to practice safely, effectively and cost-consciously. Information ranges from basic pharmacology, to prescribing for specific conditions and special groups such as the older person and the very young. Key sections include assessment, writing a prescription, the extremes of life, recording prescribing information and reviewing the patient. Underlying ethics, principles and a historical overview of development are also covered. So you can find the information you need without delay, the book is clearly laid out with one topic per page, and written in an easily readable note-based style. Blank pages for writing notes, observations and local protocols allow your handbook to be customised to meet your specific needs. All this is available at your fingertips, in a pocket-sized handbook with hard-wearing plastic covers. Written by practising nurses and checked by subject experts and pharmacologists, the "Oxford Handbook of Nurse Prescribing" is a unique and invaluable companion to those undertaking prescribing training and novice prescribers, as well as qualified Nurse Prescribers, Extended Nurse Prescribers and Supplementary Nurse Prescribers.