King R. C. - A Dictionary of Genetics 6th ed.

A Dictionary of Genetics 6th ed.

King R. C.

ISBN: 0195143248
Vydavatelství: Oxford UP
Rok vydání: 2002
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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The sixth edition of this classic dictionary addresses the need of students and professionals to have access to an up-to-date reference source that not only defines the most recently coined terms, but in many cases also presents important ancillary encyclopedic information. The text has a very broad range, including definitions of strictly genetic words along with a variety of non-genetic terms often encountered in the literature of genetics. There are about 70,000 definitions with tables and drawings to illustrate some. There are also appendices featuring the classification of living organisms; a chronology of the discoveries and inventions that have led to advances in genetics, cell biology, and the study of evolution; a bibliography of useful books; and a listing of internet sites and databases relevant to genetics and molecular biology.

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