Pandya - Nightly Business Report Presents Lasting Leadership

Nightly Business Report Presents Lasting Leadership


ISBN: 0131531182
Vydavatelství: Wharton
Rok vydání: 2005
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Two of the world's leaders in business knowledge and insight, The Nightly Business Report, and Knowledge@Wharton, come together to select and profile the 25 most influential leaders of the past 25 years. This book will show you exactly how each leader became so influential. Learn how you can discover, use, refine, and nurture your own leadership style, enabling you to gain powerful influence in your own career. You'll gain new insights into familiar faces, including Jack Welch, Lou Gerstner and Bill Gates. But you'll also gain greater appreciation for less heralded individuals, from Mary Kay Ash to Mohammed Yunus, whose 'microlending' revolution is helping millions of poor people around the world transform themselves into entrepreneurs. The full list of names is astonishing, no other book offers this much actionable insight into this many extraordinary business leaders.

This work includes: Paths to greatness - Actionable lessons from today's most remarkable business leaders; incisive profiles from Knowledge at Wharton and Nightly Business Report including: Andy Grove, Mary Kay Ash, Lou Gerstner, Richard Branson, Herb Kelleher, Charles Schwab...and 19 more. In this book, two of the world's most respected sources of business insight come together to select and profile the 25 most influential businesspeople of the past quarter century. These incisive profiles teach specific lessons you can use to discover, refine, and nurture your own leadership style...achieve breakthrough results...and accelerate your career progress. The team: "Nightly Business Report", the United States' No. 1 daily TV business news program, and Knowledge at "Wharton", The Wharton School's online journal of research and business analysis. Together, they offer powerful new insights into familiar faces - and reveal the passion and brilliance that allowed less-well-known leaders to achieve the extraordinary. From corporate culture to brand management, risk-taking to pricing, this book's insights won't just help you: they'll inspire you. The topics included are: What outstanding leaders do, and how they do it; Actionable insights for achieving your own form of greatness; Building corporate culture that can withstand anything; What you can learn from Southwest's Herb Kelleher and J J's James Burke; Key attributes of lasting leadership; Giving voice to customers, giving voice to truth; Getting smarter, faster; Case studies in building organizations that learn - and act; Reinventing your business - when it's time, how to do it; lessons from the master - Steve Jobs; Discovering undeserved markets - and serving them profitably. The other topics include: Mohammed Yunus - Profiting from entrepreneurship in the world's poorest communities; The greatest business leaders of our generation; How they achieved the impossible; What you can learn from them; How to use those lessons to supercharge your career; 25 compelling profiles from two of the world's leading sources of business insight: "Nightly Business Report" and "The Wharton School's Knowledge" at Wharton. It talks about 25 extraordinary leaders and 25 incisive profiles including: Andy Grove; Intel - Bill Gates; Microsoft - John Bogle; The Vanguard Group - Steve Jobs; Apple and Pixar - Warren Buffett; Berkshire Hathaway - Herb Kelleher; Southwest Airlines - Sam Walton; Wal-Mart - Jack Welch; GE - Jeff Bezos; Amazon - Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay Michael Dell; Dell - Peter F. Drucker Alan; Greenspan Oprah - Winfrey; Harpo Incorporation - George Soros; Soros Fund Management - James Burke; Johnson and Johnson - Lee Iacocca; Chrysler Peter Lynch; Fidelity Investments - Frederick Smith; FedEx - Mohammed Yunus; Grameen Bank - Ted Turner; Turner Broadcasting - Lou Gerstner; IBM and RJR Nabisco - Charles Schwab, Richard Branson, Virgin William George.