Manz C. Ch. - Mastering Self-Leadership

Mastering Self-Leadership

Manz C. Ch.

ISBN: 0131400460
Vydavatelství: Prentice Hall
Rok vydání: 2004
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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For courses in leadership. A brief inexpensive paperback on self-management. This text explores methods for achieving personal goals using self-assessment, self-reward, and self-punishment concepts and exercises.

*NEW- Revealing side bars- Written by key experts in areas related to contemporary self-leadership topics.
*NEW- An additional chapter- Incorporates fitness (diet and exercise) into the self-leadership concept.
*Practical, applied assessment exercises and activities on self-leadership- how to achieve personal excellence.
*Provides guidance for self-improvement in the classroom and career.
*Designed as a perfect valuepack with any Management or Business text.
*Inspiring stories and motivational poetry.
*The examples of self-leadership are drawn from real managers.
*Helps students apply the concepts of Self-Management to reality.
*The pedagogy has been carefully designed featuring- Self-Reward Activities, Self-Assessment Exercises, thought self-leadership, Checklists, Goal Setting Exercises, and Short Cases.
*Helps students understand the concepts.