Tiwana A. - Knowledge Management Toolkit

Knowledge Management Toolkit

Tiwana A.

ISBN: 0130128538
Vydavatelství: Prentice Hall
Rok vydání: 2000
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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The first practical, "how-to" guide for building knowledge management systems.
Leveraging existing resources- data warehouses, intranets, groupware, and more.
Checklists that help you focus on critical issues, every step of the way.
CD-ROM provides key software tools, including Microsoft Project and FrontPage trialware. Through knowledge management, companies can build on their intranets, data warehouses, and project management systems to make sure that every key decision is fully informed -- and to stop wasting time "reinventing the wheel." Knowledge management is hot -- and this is the first book to deliver hands-on techniques and tools for making it happen! Leading consultant Amrit Tiwana walks step-by-step through the development of an enterprise Knowledge Management System, demonstrating how to ensure that each step serves as a foundation for the enhancements that will follow. Tiwana shows how to leverage the extensive resources todays organizations already have- intranets, data warehouses and data mining applications, groupware, project management software, and more. Discover how to identify your organizations key knowledge management challenges; how to staff the right team and manage it effectively; and more. With this book/CD-ROM package, knowledge management goes beyond theory -- to cost-effective, real-life solutions!
Amrit Tiwana is a consultant and Professor of Information Systems at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. He also writes a monthly column for IT Magazine.

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